Call for Papers: The First SELS Global Workshop for Junior Empirical-Legal Scholars

29 April, 2015

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The first international workshop for junior empirical legal scholars will be held on December 17th and 18th 2015, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The meeting is co-sponsored by the Society of Empirical Legal Studies (SELS) and The Center for Empirical Studies of Decision Making and the Law.

The workshop aims to foster the research of scholars who have recently completed their PhD or have recently been appointed to a tenure track position, by providing them with a forum in which they can present their research and receive feedback from fellow empirical researchers. Approximately ten scholars from around the world (submission criteria specified below) will be invited to the workshop. Each scholar will be assigned a commentator who will discuss their paper. The rigorous academic environment at the workshop will assist junior scholars to develop their ideas. The workshop is also intended to establish a sense of community among empirical legal scholars and help build cooperative relationships between participants. 

Topics: Papers may touch on any legal field and can employ any empirical methodology. 

Participation Criteria: To be eligible, an author must be an untenured faculty member at a research university in a tenure-track position; or a tenured faculty member if it has been less than five years since the initial entry level appointment; or a full time post-doctoral fellow or a visiting associate professor at a research university. In addition, the committee will consider the work of authors that do not fit these criteria, but are new to the field of empirical legal studies. 

Travel: The costs of airfare (coach) and accommodations of authors who will be invited to participate in the workshop will be covered by the Center for Empirical Studies of Decision Making and the Law. 

Paper Submission: Submissions should be sent to Ms. Ayelet Gordon ( with the subject line: “Workshop for Junior Empirical-Legal Scholars.” The deadline for submission is June 30th, 2015. Only drafts of complete papers will be considered. 

Program Committee: 
David Abrams - University of Pennsylvania Law School
Bernie Black - Northwestern University School of Law 
Valarie Hans - Cornell Law School
Doron Teichman - Hebrew University 
Keren Weinshall-Margel - Hebrew University 
Eyal Zamir - Hebrew University


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מפגש מיוחד שיערך ביום רביעי הקרוב בשעה 10:30-12:00 בחדר 119 בנושא מחקר דיגיטלי משפטי

28 December, 2014

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המרכז למחקרים אמפיריים וסדנת הדוקטורנטים שמחים להזמין אתכם למפגש מיוחד שיערך ביום רביעי הקרוב בשעה 10:30-12:00 בחדר 119 בנושא מחקר דיגיטלי משפטי.

עמוס ישראל (פוסט דוקטורנט מהבינתחומי) יציג פרדיגמת מחקר על חקר הדיגיטלי של המשפט כחלק משיטת המחקר המתפתחת של ה- digital humanities אשר נסמכת על כך שבשנים האחרונות נוצרה אפשרות להשתמש בחישוביות למחקר של טקסטים ונתונים באופנים שלא היו אפשריים קודם.

עמוס יציג את יישום שיטות המחקר בעיקר ממחקר דיגיטלי של מדעי הרוח, את פרדיגמת המחקר, פרויקטים לדוגמא שנעשו או נעשים כרגע בחקר המשפט, ויבקש לפתוח דיון לגבי הנושאים הבאים:

פתיחת הפסיקה הישראלית (והחקיקה) למחקר.

גיבוש צוותי מחקר (מעבדות) עם תשתית טכנולוגית.

על גישה שיתופית-פתוחה למחקר ג€“ מאגרי מידע, תוכנות, צוותי מחקר.

גיבוש הכשרה לסטודנטים למחקר (קורסים, תוכנית לימודים).

היבטים אתיים במחקר דיגטלי.

במסגרת המפגש יוגש כיבוד קל באדיבות המרכז למחקרים אמפיריים.


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Workshop on the Effect of Losses on Attention, Exploration, and Strategy: Registration open

17 November, 2014

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On October 13 2014, a one-day workshop entitled "Beyond Loss Aversion: The Effect of Losses on Attention, Exploration, and Strategy" will be held at Haifa, Israel. The meeting is sponsored by the European Association for Decision Making, the I-CORE program of the Planning and Budgeting Committee and the Israel Science Foundation, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, and the Max Wertheimer Minerva Center for Cognitive Studies at the Technion.



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Tenure Track Position in Empirical Legal Studies - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

17 November, 2014

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The Center for Empirical Studies of Decision Making and the Law invites applications for a tenure track position in empirical legal studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. The position is open to all academic ranks starting from lecturer to full professor. 


The position will be partially funded by a grant from the Israel Science Foundation, as part of its Israel Centers of Research Excellence (I-Core) program. It is in the Center for Empirical Studies of Decision Making and the Law, a joint center founded by the Hebrew University and the Technion. 


The candidate selected will be appointed as a full time faculty member in one of the faculties that are affiliated with the Center at the Hebrew University (the Faculty of Law; the School of Education; the Faculty of Social Sciences or the Business School) or the Tehcnion (the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management). Joint appointments will also be considered given the appropriate credentials. All appointments to academic positions depend on approval by the Center, the relevant academic unit(s) and the Hebrew University or Technion administration.

Aside from the regular benefits associated with a tenure track position the chosen candidate will receive a personal research grant of about NIS 150,000 a year that will be renewed until the end of the academic year 2017/8 (and possibly later, depending on the beginning of his or her appointment). In addition, the candidate selected will have access to Center resources that help fund international conferences, workshops, etc.

Applications for an academic appointment in the academic year 2015-2016 should be submitted by 30 September 2014. 


Applicants should submit:

  1. A cover letter describing their research interests and research plans for the coming years.
  2. An updated curriculum vitae and list of publications.
  3. Names and contact details of possible recommenders.


Applications to the Hebrew University should be sent to Prof. Ilana Ritov:

Applications to the Technion should be sent to Prof. Ido Erev:

A copy of all applications should also be sent to


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